The Mesocosm is the mediating space between the Absolute and the Material.
The real, imaginary, and symbolic form a hybrid space.
Space becomes a state of being.
Sites are states of being, in flux.

Baby goats, gold lame, and the dead.

Multiple worlds coexist in one space, different aesthetics and realities collide and cooperate. 
The landscape is reconfigured as an environment for a new transculture; the abstract garden becomes
a metaphor for paradise, consciousness.

The disappearance of all attributes.

With the photographs and reproductions, the original is present ins some form, but is also simultaneously simulacral.
The universe is constructed from illusory worlds, imagination, lumpy bits of paint, the chromoerotic, beauty, the grotesque…..things come into being, declare themselves, deceive, seduce, enlighten, dissolve, disappear.

Difficult utopias. Miserable ecstasies. The problems of paradise.

Nomadic tendencies in geography, consciousness, and visual language show up as acts of wandering, translation, selection, addition, multiplication. 
Painting is a conceptual confection, mapping virtual worlds and personal cosmologies. It is a form of conjuring, reification, a ritual of actualization.

Sunrise, digital crisis, kaleidoscope of floating worlds.
Monkey brain chatter, emptiness, and everything good.

(written for Mesocosmos catalog, Pentimenti Gallery, 2009)